Montorfano Arditto Duo

Since 1997 Adriana Montorfano, flute and Cecilia Arditto, composition (both originally from Argentina), work together in projects which explore the relationship between sound, image, objects, movement and architecture. All of them with a strong emphasis in music notation.

From an academic music background, the chamber music not only ask for instrumental extended techniques, but for an extended ensemble which includes dance, magic lanterns, objects and the space around. The goal is to find “an expanded language where not only the sound but the movement and the space “sings”. We like to think that in our work, all disciplines come together into the heart of music, being music not only an artistic category but a way to understand the world.
Monotorfano Arditto Duo offered concerts and workshops in The Netherlands, Argentina and Spain. Their last project, Musique Concrete has been selected by Nieuwe Geneco to represent The Netherlands in ISCM 2020 in New Zealand (ongoing).


We are both classical trained musicians. Our projects expand our chamber music into visuals, movements and space design.

We like to think that the world around is an extension of our chamber music and our music score is the map of this new world.

Orchestra del temps

For flute, old speakers, tape and magic lanterns

Música invisible

Exploring extended techniques in the flute

Musique Concréte

LIve movies made with low-tech paraphernalia

1000 eyes

For alto flute, recycled objects and slide-projectors

Dancing windows

Compilation of pieces exploring different connections between image and sound. For flute and low-tech objects.

Konvent residence

Live music and live image in dialogue with the gorgeous space of Konvent Zero residence.

Music and props

Making music with everything around. Simple means and high spirit.